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Since: 2014
Active from: 28 Feb 2018

DEEP was created by the mind of a mathematician and a computer engineer who have long been friends with the desire to enjoy life in common. Both trading experts wondered if it was possible to create an automatic system that would allow them to have constant and safe fixed annuities. Conceived as a mathematical concept in 2014 it took four years and several failures to make it operational ... Deep works on the main currency crosses and since he is online since 2018 he has managed to make 100% per year with an acceptable level of risk. Deep is "modular" that is, the level of profit can be varied according to the security one is willing to accept (always intrinsic in this type of work) in almost 3 years it has closed over 19,000 gain operations. This means that, following the operational strategy for which it was programmed, it carries out purchase or sale operations, in total autonomy, on the cross currency for which it is authorized to operate. In addition to deciding when to open a trade, it also decides when to close a profit trade. It has been uploaded to official and independent control sites such as fxblue and mql5 in order to give anyone the opportunity to verify that we probably have created the only EA that after almost 3 years continues to grind profits without burning equity. Furthermore Deep is constantly monitored and updated so that it can overcome the most difficult market situations.


Real statistical data. Because we care about the transparency of what we do.

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